A little library of my film work so far, as well as the talent I had the pleasure to work on.

The Seed

Horror work – Hair and Makeup Supervisor for part of Malta Unit. Makeup and Prosthetic Artist for other part of Malta Unit. 

Mix up in the Mediterranean

Contemporary work – Hair and Makeup Designer and Artist. 


Futuristic work – Hair and Makeup Crowd Supervisor, coordinator and Artist for Malta Unit.

To catch a spy

Contemporary work Bollywood 70`s and 80`s – Hair & makeup designer and artist. 


Period 1590 work – Hair and Makeup Designer, Supervisor and Artist. 


Period 80`s work – Key Makeup artist and Personal Makeup artist to Natascha McElhone.


Historical / Period work – Stunts, Doubles, Crowd. Dirt, Blood & prosthetic application.


Period 70`s work – Stunts, Doubles, Featured extras, Crowd, Character Makeup.

13 Hours

Contemporary work – Stunt doubles, Stunts, Featured extras, Extras. Character makeup, Dirt, Blood, Prosthetics, Lay-on & lace beards. Touch ups on some cast on set when necessary.

Assasin`s Creed

Fantasy 1478 work – Stunts, Stunt doubles, Doubles, Crowd. Character makeup, Body painting, Tattoo transfers, Gold leaf, Dirt, breaking-down and Blood.

The Whale

Period work – Cast, created & applied waterproof prosthetics and character makeup on 8 main cast & 8 supporting actors.

The Promise

Period 1914`s work – Crowd. Tonging, shaping, styling, application of lace pieces of facial hair on men, as well as shaping & styling of natural facial hair on men that had their own.1916 basic beauty makeup done on women. Blood Dirt & Breaking down.


Period 70`s work – Hair and period makeup on stunts & crowd. Character makeup, covering of tattoos, Sweat and dirt.


Historical / Period work – Doubles, Stunts Featured Extras, Crowd. Character makeup, Prosthetic applications & Layon beards.


Contemporary work – Cast. HOD: prosthetic designer & artist, created waterproof prosthetics for the 4 main cast.

Project ICON

Biblical work – Hair and Makeup Crowd Supervisor and coordinator for Malta and Israel Units. Period and Biblical work.

Queen of the South

Contemporary work – HOD for Maltese Hair and Makeup. Looked after Maltese cast, Stunt Doubles, and Stunts. Covering contemporary, Character and Straight makeup and Hair.

The Story of My Wife

Period 20`s work – Makeup and Hair Coordinator for Malta unit on Extras and Stunts. Period work.


Contemporary work – Makeup artist for Extras. Contemporary work.

Bharat 2018 – Bollywood.

Period work 70`s and 80`s – HOD for the hair and makeup department. Looked after all the makeup and hair for all the dancers, stunts and extras. Also, was the personal makeup artist to Agatha Gomes.

L'isola Delle Rose

Period 60`s work – Crowd Supervisor for the Malta Unit. 

The Dove Keepers

Biblical work – Cast. Character & Prosthetic makeup. Tattoo covering, Tattoo transfers & Blood.

Pretty Rosebud

Contemporary work – Cast. Hair & Makeup.

Fort Ross

Period work – Supporting actors, stunts, character makeup & beard application.

All Inclusive

Contemporary work – Cast, Supporting actors: Hair and Makeup.

Boy Wonder

Contemporary work – Key Makeup Artist and Designer.

Mistery of the Britannica

Period 1916`s work – Drama Documentary. HOD and Key makeup and Hair. Main cast featured and crowd. 

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