Your one-stop shop for an all-inclusive services concerning anything to do with Hair and Makeup in Malta.

Our Services

*Crewing up.
*Crew scheduling.
*Day – In, Day – out logistics.
*Crew consultation.
*Call times and timing calculations.
*On location and base set-ups.
*Prep work.
*Script breakdown.
*Research and moodboards.
*Materials lists and sourcing.
*Shipments and carnets.
*Budget calculations.
*Work placement

Crew for all kinds of hair and makeup jobs

Film work, Commercials, Shows, Fashion, Theatre, Music videos, Events, Weddings, Photoshoots, Adverts, Special effects, Underwater, UV.


“Chantal is a very talented artist, highly professional and I would recommend her for any job.”

“ I've worked with Chantal on large movie sets and smaller TV commercial sets. There's absolutely no difference. She always brings true professionalism. Always giving solutions, even beyond her remit. I'd recommend her services to anyone. Thanks for the great work, Chantal.”

“ I've had the pleasure to work with this beautiful woman as well as have her do my makeup. She's an artist and the best in the industry! Added bonus that she's super sweet and funny :). “

“ Worked with Chantal on quite a few movies. Apart from being extremely talented and qualified, she is full of enthusiasm and dedication to her art. On a film set, she is very efficient at her job and has a problem-solver attitude, which is priceless in this industry. Chantal is a team player who can be relied on blindly to take initiative where needed to make everyone look good.”

“ Came across Chantal on various sets and she wasn't only reliable, efficient and talented but also offered insight, options and solutions! Highly recommended! “

" Chantal, many thanks for taking on such a challenge. Truly grateful- you have been such a star."

"I absolutely loved working with you all on the movie.. I was really emotional when I was wrapped yesterday. Never had that feeling before at the end of a movie. Hope our paths cross again and all the best for your next project"

Always a pleasure to have you on board Falkun Films productions Chantal. 🥰 Here’s to making more Maltese films together.

"...All is smooth and effortless. I want to thank you so much, for all your hard work, precision and creative work. Your kind and easy going energy made it all the more better."

"Thanks a million Chantal. You are one in a million..... You are amazing at your job, so hardworking and a brilliant organiser. If the world had leaders like you, we would all be in a better place! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I really hope we will work together again." -

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